Upper Intermediate (level B2 of the CEFR)

Our upper intermediate 120-hour General Language ​​course consists of two parts of 60 hours each (Upper Intermediate 1 and Upper Intermediate 2). It is ideal for those who are fluent in the selected language.

In this course, you will work with students of your level. This will allow you to develop real communication skills.

This course will enable you to:

• Understand speeches and extended lectures and follow complex arguments when the subject is relatively familiar.

• Read articles and reports on current topics, and contemporary literary prose.

• Participate actively in discussions in familiar contexts and express your point of view.

• Present clear and detailed descriptions on a wide range of topics related to your area of ​​interest.

• Explain a point of view on a current issue by providing the pros and cons of various options.

• Write a clear and detailed text on a wide range of topics related to your interests.

• write an essay or a report providing information or explaining the pros and/or cons of a given point of view.

Available languages